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By Patsy Bell Hobson

"The love of gardening is a seed once sown never dies ..."
Gertrude Jekyll

    Some folks regard a green thumb as a gardening asset. In my experience, grey hair works better than a green thumb.

    I have given talks on a variety of topics including herbs, forcing bulbs, container gardening -  almost any topic, answered questions, offered advice when asked. I enjoyed sharing my garden on tour, but most of all, I like to garden. Or to “Get out in the dirt,” as Grandma used to say.

    I gave talks as a volunteer Master Gardener and even answered the Master Gardener hotline for awhile. I spoke as member of the National Gardeners Of America and the Plant Doctor at the Flower Lawn and Garden show.

    Finally, the blessed day came when I retired from education. I quit dyeing my hair. I became instantly wiser when my hair came in grey. Now folks seek my advice about herbs, house plants, lawns, vegetable gardens.

    They figure "this ol’ gal knows what she’s talking about. She must have been growing plants a long time."  And now that I am no longer a blond, they listen to me.

    I have learned a few things along the way. I’ve gardened all my life. But as a woman with grey hair, I must have, somehow, become a wiser gardener. At least some folks think so.

Me. Waiting For That Infamous "Check In The Mail."


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