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Pets On Vacation
Pets Welcome provides listings of more than Lodging Listings for over 25,000 hotels, campgrounds, ski resorts, cabins and cottages, bed and breakfasts, amusement parks, beaches, and other fun places that will warmly welcome your traveling pets.

Internet Access
Lists hotels that provide high-speed internet access in all guest rooms. Don't get stuck with bad or expensive connections. Check out Geektels, a user-reviewed compendium of hotel internet connectivity.
     When the electricity went out at my house and I was facing a writing deadline, I headed to Drury Suites Cape Girardeau, which is listed in Geektels in Missouri. Small town hotels may be listed as having free internet service, but often it is weak or or costs more. Both Drury Lodge and Drury Suites have great high speed access.


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